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Dipper Cinclus cinclus


The Dipper has not been recorded this century on any of the islands in the Bailiwick. It was, however, an uncommon resident last century. Smith records that the Dipper was "not very common" and that it was a resident species on Guernsey "finding food in the clear pools left by the tide and also frequenting the few inland ponds, especially the rather large ones, ... , in the Vale." There is also one record from Alderney of a bird spending the winter there in 1861-62. Although Smith never saw a nest he was informed by a Mr Galienne that Dippers would "make use of some of the rocky bays, forming his nest amongst some of the rocks as it would on the streams of Dartmoor and Exmoor.". The Dippers in Guernsey were not of the dark-breasted continental race C. c. cinclus and were presumably of the British race C. c. gularis. The last Bailiwick record is from 1878 (Bisson).

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