Alderney Birds - Monthly Summaries

These are records that have been entered by observers and it
should be noted that these have not necessarily been authenticated.

Little Grebe Longis Pond: 1 on 12th (MCS);
Oystercatcher Platte Saline : 52 on 13th Jul (MCS);
Ringed Plover Platte Saline : 5 on 13th Jul (MCS);
Whimbrel Braye Bay: 3 on 13th Jul (MCS); Platte Saline : 3 on 13th Jul (MCS);
Mediterranean Gull Braye Bay: 6 on 14th Jul (MCS);
Fan-tailed Warbler Longis Common: 1 on 12th Jul (MCS);
Sedge Warbler Longis Pond: 1 on 12th Jul (MCS);
Chiffchaff Longis Pond: 2 on 12th Jul (MCS);