Alderney Birds - Monthly Summaries

These are records that have been entered by observers and it
should be noted that these have not necessarily been authenticated.

White Stork St Anne: 1 on 12th (AWT);
Honey-buzzard St Anne: 2 on 12th Jun (AWT);
Hobby Fort Quesnard: 1 on 12th Jun (AWT);
Quail St Anne: 1 on 8th Jun [Singing male] (AWT);
Sanderling Saye Bay: 9 on 12th Jun (AWT);
Dunlin Saye Bay: 1 on 12th Jun (AWT);
Curlew Clonque Bay: 7 on 12th Jun (AWT);
Mediterranean Gull Platte Saline: 1 on 22nd Jun [2nd Summer] (AWT);
Cuckoo Platte Saline: 1 on 5th Jun (AWT); Rose Farm, Alderney: 1 on 12th Jun (AWT); Vau de Saou, Alderney: 1 on 12th Jun (AWT);
Fan-tailed Warbler Alderney Airport: 1 on 1st Jun [Singing male] (AWT); 1 on 6th Jun [Displaying male] (AWT);
Golden Oriole Essex Farm: 1 on 21st Jun [Singing male] (AWT);
Rose-coloured Starling St Anne: 1 on 14th Jun (AWT);
Harbour Porpoise : 1 on 17th Jun [Seen NW of Alderney from Condor Liberation swimming SE @8:30pm (co-ords:- 49.745903, -2.297893)] (WRT);