Alderney Birds - Monthly Summaries

These are records that have been entered by observers and it
should be noted that these have not necessarily been authenticated.

Great Northern Diver Braye Bay: 1 on 20th [1st winter] (AWT); 1 on 23rd Mar [1st winter] (AWT); Braye Harbour: 1 on 21st Mar [1st winter] (AWT);
Little Grebe Mannez Quarry: 1 on 22nd Mar (AWT);
Shag Coque Lihou: 63 on 21st Mar (AWT); Longis Bay: 30 on 21st Mar (AWT);
Little Egret Longis Bay: 3 on 13th Mar (AWT);
Brent Goose (Dark-bellied) Braye Bay: 1 on 23rd Mar (AWT);
Red-breasted Merganser Platte Saline: 2 on 21st Mar [Pair. Flew east in the swinge] (AWT);
Sparrowhawk Kiln Farm, Alderney: 1 on 24th Mar [Female hunting Starlings] (AWT);
Osprey Alderney Airport: 1 on 30th Mar [Overflew 1310] (GE);
Kestrel Crabby Bay: 1 on 8th Mar [Adult male] (AWT); Kiln Farm, Alderney: 1 on 24th Mar (AWT);
Crane Longis Bay: 3 on 20th Mar (ABO);
Ringed Plover Platte Saline: 13 on 23rd Mar (AWT); Saye Bay: 2 on 20th Mar (AWT);
Dunlin Longis Bay: 2 on 9th Mar (AWT); 3 on 22nd Mar (AWT);
Turnstone Braye Bay: 5 on 20th Mar (AWT);
Mediterranean Gull Braye Bay: 2 on 22nd Mar [Adult and 1st winter] (AWT);
Sandwich Tern Longis Bay: 1 on 19th Mar (CS);
Guillemot Les Etacs: 24 on 25th Mar (AWT);
Razorbill Les Etacs: 11 on 25th Mar (AWT);
Barn Owl Coastguard's Cottages, Alderney: 1 on 13th Mar (AWT);
Sand Martin Mannez Quarry: 4 on 22nd Mar (AWT);
Swallow Les Etacs: 2 on 30th Mar (AWT);
House Martin Kiln Farm, Alderney: 1 on 24th Mar [Flew east] (AWT);
Meadow Pipit Chateau a l'Etoc: 75 on 24th Mar [All heading N out across the channel] (AWT);
White Wagtail (alba) Fort Albert: 5 on 8th Mar (AWT);
Black Redstart Braye Harbour: 1 on 23rd Mar [Adult male] (AWT); Crabby Bay: 2 on 8th Mar [Adult male & Female] (AWT); Fort Houmet Herbe: 1 on 13th Mar [Adult male] (AWT); Mannez Garenne: 2 on 13th Mar [Adult males] (AWT); Mannez Quarry: 2 on 15th Mar [Female types] (AWT); St Anne: 1 on 24th Mar [Tugbys Yard] (AWT); Whitegates, Alderney: 1 on 24th Mar (AWT);
Wheatear Fort Houmet Herbe: 1 on 12th Mar (VF); Les Etacs: 1 on 25th Mar [Male] (AWT); Longis Bay: 3 on 12th Mar [2 male, 1 female] (AWT); Longis Common: 2 on 13th Mar [Males] (AWT); Mannez Garenne: 1 on 22nd Mar (AWT);
Ring Ouzel Les Etacs: 1 on 30th Mar (AWT); Telegraph Tower, Alderney: 1 on 28th Mar (AWT);
Fieldfare Kiln Farm, Alderney: 2 on 24th Mar (AWT);
Redwing Barrackmaster's Lane: 20 on 8th Mar (AWT);
Dartford Warbler Essex Hill: 2 on 14th Mar [2 singing] (AWT);
Chiffchaff Essex Farm: 1 on 13th Mar (AWT); Longis Pond: 1 on 8th Mar (AWT); 6 on 14th Mar (AWT); Mannez Quarry: 1 on 8th Mar (AWT);
Firecrest Essex Farm: 2 on 22nd Mar (AWT); Mannez Quarry: 1 on 8th Mar (AWT);
Coal Tit (Continental) The Nunnery, Alderney: 6 on 22nd Mar (AWT);
Greenfinch Barrackmaster's Lane: 8 on 8th Mar (AWT);
Linnet Kiln Farm, Alderney: 15 on 24th Mar (AWT);
Reed Bunting Longis Pond: 1 on 14th Mar (AWT);
Grey Seal Fort Les Hommeaux Florains, Alderney: 2 on 13th Mar (AWT);