Alderney Birds - Monthly Summaries

These are records that have been entered by observers and it
should be noted that these have not necessarily been authenticated.

Black-throated Diver Chateau a l'Etoc: 1 on 22nd (AWT);
Greylag Goose (Wild) Kiln Farm, Alderney: 11 on 18th Jan (AWT);
Brent Goose Longis Bay: 1 on 13th Jan (AWT);
Kestrel Kiln Farm, Alderney: 1 on 18th Jan [Male] (AWT); 1 on 25th Jan (AWT);
Golden Plover Kiln Farm, Alderney: 15 on 25th Jan (AWT);
Black Redstart St Anne: 1 on 24th Jan (AWT);
Stonechat Longis Common: 2 on 18th Jan [Pair] (AWT);
Carrion Crow Kiln Farm, Alderney: 93 on 25th Jan (AWT);