Great Shearwater -  Jaonneuse [JAO]  -  27/9/2022  -  © Wayne Turner
Great Shearwater - Jaonneuse [JAO] - 27/9/2022 - © Wayne Turner

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Avian Influenza - updated
The States Vet recently made an announcement after cases of Avian Flu were confirmed locally. 'The Bailiwick has several important breeding colonies for seabirds at locations including Les Etacs, The Humps, Lihou, the Pea Stacks and several other islets, which members of the public are already asked to avoid at this time of the year to prevent disturbance of the colonies. Given the confirmed presence of Avian Flu in wild birds found on Guernsey we ask members of the public, and particularly boat owners, to avoid visiting any areas where seabirds roost and nest. We are grateful to local organisations such as the Channel Island Bird Ringing Scheme who have already voluntarily restricted their activities'. If you find a sick bird, who you should contact will vary depending on the following circumstances: If you find any sick poultry, please contact the States Vets using the contact details on this page. If you find any sick wild bird, please contact the GSPCA by calling 01481 257261. If you find a dead bird, who you should contact will vary depending on the following circumstances: If you find a dead bird on your own property, it is your responsibility to safely collect and dispose of the bird. Guidance on how to do this safely is available in the Avian Influenza Guidance document in the downloads section of this page. If you find dead poultry, or a dead bird of prey, please contact the States Vets using the contact details on this page. If you find a dead seabird on the shoreline, please contact States Works by calling 01481 226263. If a dead bird has leg rings, please provide the States Vets with the leg ring number, the date that you found the bird and the location where it was found. To read the guidance in full, follow the link: To find out more about how Avian Flu is affecting wild birds in the UK, the BTO have published:

Bird Section Subs 2022
Dear birders, 2022 Bird Section subscriptions are now due. Annual subs pay for costs such as the hosting of this website, nestboxes on La Societe's nature reserves and upkeep of seven public bird hides. By paying just £5, you will be supporting and promoting local birdlife. Online payments only please - please email for banking details. Only Societe members can technically be section members but donations from non-members are welcome too! Many thanks and happy birding.

Barn Owl Survey 2021
As part of the ongoing Barn Owl survey, we are looking to locate as many breeding sites as possible. If you know of a box, barn or natural site which is being used, please submit the details as a sighting on this website or contact the Guernsey Biological Records Centre. Tel 233571 or email: Records will be treated confidentially.

Protection for local waders
Over the last 40 years, local populations of many wading birds have plummeted and some species have been lost entirely. The long-running 'Wader Count' survey shows that disturbance is a major factor in the decline. If you agree that our waders need urgent protection at key sites, please email the States of Guernsey Agriculture, Countryside and Land Management Service (ACLMS) at this address -

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Sat 17th Sep
Pleinmont- Siberian Stonechat in LSG fields.

Sat 27th Aug
Claire Mare - Curlew Sandpiper. Pleinmont - Wryneck, Osprey.

Fri 12th Aug
Port Soif, then Pembroke - Little Tern

Tue 2nd Aug
Le Villocq area - Rose-coloured Starling

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Interesting records submitted online


4th Oct: Pezeries: Yellow-browed Warbler. Vaux de Monel: Yellow-browed Warbler
3rd Oct: Fontenelles Bay: Redstart. Fort Hommet: Spotted Flycatcher. Ivy Castle / Chateau des Marais: Yellow-browed Warbler. Perelle: Mediterranean Gull. Rue des Hougues, CAT: Merlin
2nd Oct: Rue du Gree, TOR: Redstart
1st Oct: Cobo: Mediterranean Gull. Imperial Hotel, Rocquaine: Mediterranean Gull. Pleinmont: Red Kite. Richmond: Mediterranean Gull
30th Sep: Grandes Rocques: Mediterranean Gull. Imperial Hotel, Rocquaine: Mediterranean Gull. Pleinmont: Dartford Warbler. St Andrews Community Centre: Great Spotted Woodpecker
29th Sep: Richmond: Mediterranean Gull
28th Sep: Pleinmont: Dartford Warbler. Pulias: Sooty Shearwater
27th Sep: Chouet Hide: Arctic Skua
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28th Sep: South Coast Cliffs, Alderney: Dartford Warbler. Val de la Bonne Terre: Great Spotted Woodpecker
21st Sep: Kiln Farm, Alderney: Rook
19th Sep: Impot Fields, Alderney: Golden Plover. St Anne: Spotted Flycatcher
18th Sep: : Balearic Shearwater, Storm Petrel, Sooty Shearwater, Arctic Skua, Arctic Tern, Little Gull. Essex Farm: Great White Egret
16th Sep: Chateau a l'Etoc: Mediterranean Gull, Arctic Skua, Balearic Shearwater, Sooty Shearwater. Fort Houmet Herbe: Wryneck. St Anne's allotments, Alderney: Spotted Flycatcher
15th Sep: Impot Fields, Alderney: Cuckoo
14th Sep: Clonque Bay: Mediterranean Gull. Crabby Bay: Mediterranean Gull
13th Sep: Crabby Quarry, Alderney: Kingfisher
12th Sep: : Grey Seal. Corblets Bay: Knot. Fort Albert: Barn Owl, Honey-buzzard. Kiln Farm, Alderney: Rook
11th Sep: Alderney Airport: Spotted Flycatcher
7th Sep: Braye Bay: Mediterranean Gull
6th Sep: Longis Bay: Mediterranean Gull
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Observers submitting records this month

Peter Vaudin (13); Wayne Turner (13); Andy Marquis (8); Mark Lawlor (5); Peter Ward (5); Tony Bisson (4); Mark Guppy (3); Dave Carre (1); Andrew Smith (1); Chris Sharman (1); Julie Davis (1);

On this day...
On this date in 1994 Guernsey's second record of Pallas's Warbler was found at Fauxquets Valley by D.Corbin.

Wild species recorded this year to date: 189

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