Great Spotted Woodpecker -  St Peter Port [SPP]  -  23/1/2023  -  © Mike Cunningham
Great Spotted Woodpecker - St Peter Port [SPP] - 23/1/2023 - © Mike Cunningham

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Rare Bird Report Forms 2022 are needed
It is time for anybody who found an official rare bird in 2022 to submit a "rarity report form". The finder of a rare bird cannot be acknowledged by name in the Transactions/Rare Bird Report unless a form is filled in. If you are not sure if a species you found is on the official rarity list, then check the Guernsey Bird List. You can either fill in a form and send it in, or you can use the brand new online recording form on this link .. Thanks, Mark (Guernsey Bird Recorder)

Colin Best NR - hide access
At present La Societe does not hold a lease on this nature reserve. The hide overlooking the freshwater Scrape is still in situ but is in a state of disrepair. The landowner remains happy for people to access the hide (only) but visitors will not be covered by La Societe's insurance.

Bird Section Subs 2023
Dear birders, 2023 Bird Section subscriptions can be paid now. Annual subs pay for costs such as the hosting of this website, nestboxes on La Societe's nature reserves and upkeep of seven public bird hides. By paying just £5, you will be supporting and promoting local birdlife. Cash or online payments only please - please email for banking details. Only Societe members can technically be section members but donations from non-members are welcome too! Many thanks and happy birding.

Use of uploaded photographs
We are always pleased for people to upload their photos to the website. For clarification, from now on, by submitting photos to this website, you agree that they may be used by the Ornithology Section and La Société Guernesiaise for publications such as newsletters, event posters, reports, surveys etc. Photos will be credited where possible. Sharing photos and sightings on this website helps to improve out wildlife knowledge and contributes to science and conservation.

Barn Owl Survey 2021
As part of the ongoing Barn Owl survey, we are looking to locate as many breeding sites as possible. If you know of a box, barn or natural site which is being used, please submit the details as a sighting on this website or contact the Guernsey Biological Records Centre. Tel 220365 or email: Records will be treated confidentially.

Protection for local waders
Over the last 40 years, local populations of many wading birds have plummeted and some species have been lost entirely. The long-running 'Wader Count' survey shows that disturbance is a major factor in the decline. If you agree that our waders need urgent protection at key sites, please email the States of Guernsey Agriculture, Countryside and Land Management Service (ACLMS) at this address -

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Thu 29th Dec
Jaonneuse - Grey Phalarope

Thu 22nd Dec
Claire Mare - Jack Snipe

Fri 16th Dec
Rocquaine - Red-throated Diver

Thu 15th Dec
Claire Mare - Pintail, 5 Gadwall. Pecqueries - Avocet. Reservoir - putative Lesser Scaup.

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28th Jan: L'Eree: Slavonian Grebe. Shingle Bank: Common Gull
27th Jan: Claire Mare: Gadwall. Rocquaine: Slavonian Grebe. Shingle Bank: Mediterranean Gull. Vazon: Mediterranean Gull
26th Jan: Grands Marais/Pre: Cetti's Warbler
25th Jan: L'Eree: Black-throated Diver. Richmond: Common Gull. Rue du Douit du Moulin: Black-throated Diver
24th Jan: Les Huriaux : Cattle Egret. Rocquaine: Great Northern Diver. Shingle Bank: Common Gull, Mediterranean Gull
23rd Jan: Airport: Cattle Egret. Pulias: Black Redstart. Vazon: Black Redstart
22nd Jan: Claire Mare: Gadwall. Jaonneuse: Great Northern Diver. Pembroke: Great Northern Diver
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Observers submitting records this month

Peter Vaudin (147); Vic Froome (126); David Spicer (92); Tony Bisson (90); Jamie Hooper (87); Anthony Loaring (85); Carolyn Brouard (78); Kevin Childs (74); Jean Brown (73); Mary Simmons (64); Andy Marquis (43); Mark Guppy (23); Mark Lawlor (17); Dave Carre (16); Rod Ferbrache (1); Jamie Brown (1); Sarah Brouard (1);

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On this date in 1994 Guernsey's sixteenth record of Little Auk was found at Lilyvale?.

Wild species recorded this year to date: 98

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